3m Coban Latex Free Self Adherent Wrap


3M Coban Latex Free Self Adherent Wrap is a laminate of non-woven material and synthetic elastic fibers placed lengthwise to provide elasticity. The elastic wrap functions like a tape, but contains a cohesive material that makes it stick to itself but not to other materials or skin. This wrap is extremely stretchy and is excellent for temporarily securing dressings and compression applications. 3M Coban Latex Free Self Adherent Wrap sticks to itself without need for adhesive, pins or clips for fast and easy application Wrap will not slip so no need for frequent readjustment Comfortable for patients Lightweight, porous Protects primary dressings Latex-free and non-sterile Desired amount of compression at the time of application Color: Tan Part Number: 2081, 2082, 2083, 2084


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