3M Tegaderm Matrix Dressing with PHI Technology


3M Tegaderm Matrix Dressing with PHI Technology is a unique, affordable wound care dressing that aids in the management of hard-to-heal wounds. It is designed to help jump-start the healing process, enabling the wound to progress through the normal healing cascade.

Tegaderm Matrix Wound Dressing with PHI dressing is indicated for use with chronic, non-infected wounds including: diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers (stages II-IV), and venous stasis ulcers.

PHI technology, a patented blend of cations found naturally in the body including potassium, zinc, calcium, and rubidium, in a mixture of polyethylene glycols and citric acid. 3M Tegaderm Matrix Dressing with PHI Technology is easy to use, apply and remove. Patient-friendly!


For the management of hard to heal wounds
Helps jump start the healing process
Utilizes innovative PHI technology
Helps promote nature moisture balance
Safe and effective
Easy to use, apply and remove
(“Now Branded a Teraderm Matrix Formally EPI-Max)

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2" x 2" – 10/Pack, 4" x 4" – 10/Pack


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