Allevyn Compression Foam Dressing – Polyurethane, 4″ X 4″



Allevyn Compression dressings contain a highly absorbent material embedded in a self-adherent polyurethane matrix. The dressing is covered with a waterproof polyurethane film which is permeable to oxygen and water vapor and is bacteria proof. Allevyn Compression dressings employ all the proven benefits of a moist wound environment without any breakdown of the dressing caused by contact with exudate. Allevyn Compression can be used for the treatment and management of moderately to highly exuding wounds surrounded by sensitive skin such as ulcers (venous, arterial, diabetic), pressure sores and burns (1st and 2nd degree). Creation and maintenance of a moist wound environment. Moist wound environments have been established as optimal environments for the management of the wound. Provides physical separation between the wound and external environments to assist in preventing bacterial contamination of the wound. Do not soak in oxidizing agents, such as hypochlorite or peroxide solutions. Allevyn Compression is not indicated for use on third degree burns, or on wounds with exposed muscle, bone or tendon. Non-adherent to wound surface Highly-Absorbent Maintains absorption under compression Promotes and maintains moist wound environment Easy to use


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