FlexiGel Hydrogel Strands


Absorbent Wound Dressing is a sterile, single use bundle of absorbent matrix for use in moist wound dressing applications. The synthetic matrix absorbs excess exudate fluid, swells to conform to the wound contours, and entraps slough and necrotic debris within its strands to assist in debridement. The strands of the matrix are bound together by a matrix bridge to minimize disruption of the matrix material during use. FLEXIGEL STRANDS is flexible, pliable, and non-adherent to aid in comfort.
Effectively manages copious amount of exudate.
May be used on infected wounds, as long as the infection is being treated with appropriate antibiotic therapy.
Does not dry out or stick to wound.
Does not dry wound out.
Easy to apply and determine appropriate dosage.
Does not break down into nor leave any dressing debris in wound.
Eliminates the need to cleanse wound during dressing changes.
Easily removed in one piece.
Easy to apply, maintains uniform moist contact with wound surface upon interaction with exudate.


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