IV3000 1-Hand Delivery Catheter Dressing – 2 3/8″ x 2 3/4″


Reduces risk of infection by preventing moisture accumulation: The patented Reactic film in OpSite IV3000 has a unique molecular structure which is significantly more permeable to water vapor than ordinary films. This prevents the accumulation of moisture underneath the dressing so reducing bacterial growth and the risk of catheter-related infection.

Minimizes unscheduled dressing changes: The higher permeability of OpSite IV3000 keeps the skin drier so improving dressing adherence and reducing the number of unscheduled dressing changes.

Greater patient comfort:OpSite IV3000 is kind to the patient’s skin. Its low allergy adhesive and highly permeable Reactic film help prevent skin maceration or irritation and result in improved patient comfort.

Excellent catheter stability: The highly conformable OpSite IV3000 film allows the patient to move freely and yet will remain firmly adhered around the catheter hub so ensuring excellent fixation.

Convenient visual inspection: OpSite IV3000 is transparent and so allows regular inspection of the catheter insertion site for signs of infection or phlebitis without the need for dressing removal.

Waterproof barrier: OpSite IV3000 is waterproof and allows the patient to bathe or shower with the dressing.

Easy application and removal: The 1 Hand delivery system is designed to provide quick and easy aseptic application. It also allows the dressing to be applied with 1 Hand if required leaving the other hand free to stabilize the catheter or patient. The unique grid pattern adhesive makes dressing removal easier than with ordinary films as it reduces pain on removal and leaves less adhesive residue on the patients skin.

Moisture responsive high Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate film.
Grid pattern adhesive.
Transparent & conformable.
1 Hand delivery system.


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