Opsite Flexigrid Transparent Film Dressing – 4 X 4(3/4)”


OpSite Flexigrid is a transparent, adhesive film with a unique wound measurement grid. The film is moisture vapor permeable, conformable and extensible. It is widely used to provide a moist wound healing environment for superficial wounds; it is also ideal for use as a secondary dressing.

OpSite Flexigrid is indicated for the management of:

Superficial wounds, such as shallow pressure sores, minor burns, cuts and abrasions.
Use as a secondary dressing, for example over IntraSite Gel Amorphous Hydrogel Dressing or Allevyn Cavity Cavity Wound Dressing.
To provide catheter fixation.
OpSite Flexigrid may be used on clinically infected wounds if the following precautions are followed:

The patient should be under medical/clinical supervision.
The dressing should be changed daily.
The patient should be receiving suitable systemic treatment.
Immuno-compromised patients and diabetic patients may require extra supervision. Care should be taken to avoid skin damage by repeated applications on patients with thin or fragile skin.

In common with all adhesive products, some cases of irritation and/or maceration of the skin surrounding the wound have been reported. It should be noted that inappropriate use or too frequent dressing changes, particularly in patients with fragile skin, can result in skin stripping.


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