Smith And Nephew Allevyn Heel Wound Dressing


Part of Smith and Nephew’s Non-Adhesive Allevyn product line, this Heel Dressing features the Allevyn tri-laminate structure of a non-adherent perforated polyurethane wound contact layer, a soft and highly absorbent central hydrocellular layer, and an outer film layer that is both bacteria-proof and waterproof. Allevyn dressings are used to promote moist wound healing, but without any breakdown of the dressing due to contact with the exudate. The result of this advanced design is easier, cleaner, and more trouble-free healing of individual wounds. All Allevyn Non-Adhesive Dressings can stay in place for up to seven days while remaining soft, giving excellent patient comfort and contributing to a pressure reduction protocol. The Heel Dressing is to be used for moderate to high level exudate and is designed to fit snugly around the heel. Be sure to hold the dressing in place with Hypafix or another conforming bandage.


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