Viscopaste Zinc Paste Bandage by Smith & Nephew


Indicated in the management of minor skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. Impregnated with 10% zinc oxide in an emulsifying base. Bandage does not harden and is simple to apply and remove. Soothing to irritated skin. May be used under compression bandages.

Viscopaste PB7 Indications – For the management of leg ulcers. Where venous insufficiency exists, the paste bandage should be adjunct to the graduated compression bandaging. For the management of chronic eczema/dermatitis where occlusion is indicated.

Viscopaste PB7 Benefits:

Easy to apply and remove
Will not dry out
Moist wound healing environment over an ulcer
Comfortable and soothing
Easy identification
Easy storage
This product is ready for use upon removal from the sealed pouch and wrapper. There are two ways that the bandage can be applied:
Beginning at the base of the toes, the bandage should be loosely wrapped around the foot, heel and around the leg in a spiral fashion to just below the knee. Once applied, the bandage should then be smoothed and molded around the leg.


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